Ayahuasca Ceremonies (optional)

The ritual of ayahuasca ceremonies is an ancient practice that has traditionally been aya02performed by shamans in South America for many thousands of years. The ayahuasca ceremony is a powerful spiritual experience that opens the participant to a greater awareness of the essence of oneself in this realm.

Silvia Polivoy, one of the founders of Spiritvine centre, started her pilgrimage in 1996 in the Peruvian Amazon learning about ayahuasca with shamans. Until 2004 she lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she was working in psychotherapy until a life changing move to the Atlantic forest in Bahia, Brazil where she now conducts monthly spiritual retreats.

From her experiences, Silvia has developed a unique style of ayahuasca ritual that is deep, safe, comfortable and supportive. Silvia believes that the spirit of ayahuasca is the true teacher and the ceremonies at Spirit Vine are designed to optimize the ability of participants to relax deeply into their experience, connecting directly to source.

pictures17The ceremonies at Spirit Vine are held at night in the beautiful, purpose built temple inside the jungle and beside a stunning lagoon. Outside the temple, the symphony of sounds from the frogs, animals and insects at night is the perfect backdrop to a night of spiritual discovery.

Music is carefully chosen for the ceremony that supports, triggers and guides the participant in their spiritual journey with Ayahuasca. Music can often be a powerful medium for spiritual awakening and the music played at Spirit Vine are sublime soundscapes that allow the mind to expand into endless space where visions and feelings of cosmic awareness flow as rivers of consciousness.
The Spirit Vine centre is a trans-denominational space that is designed to allow the participants to optimize their own inner spiritual processes and development through self reflection and integration. Silvia will work individually with each participant before and during the retreats to ensure they are ready and feel safe in the experience. During the retreats the group process is very important and regular sharing circles are an intrinsic part of the reflective experience, which often lead to deeper understandings.

At the retreat centre we grow our own ayahuasca vine and Chacruna plants and the tea is made here on the land with much loving care and attention. The Spirit Vine centre is devoted to ayahuasca and the spirit of the plants permeates through the land and everywhere in the centre.

Please note that we have several programs on offer during retreats. The plant ceremonies are always optional and it is not required to partake in the program.

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